November 1, 2023


  1. RI DOH Updates – Suzanne Bornschein M.D.  
  2. Infection Control: It’s in the Bag!- Maria Gomes, BSN, RN, CIC
  3. Containing Candida auris and CP-CRE in Acute Care and LTC: Applications to all Emerging Pathogens – Kathryn Galvin, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, CIC, Patricia McAuley, MSN, RN, CIC, Marlene Fishman Wolpert, MPH, CIC, FAPIC
  4. Infection Prevention Biofilm and Surgical Instrumentation- Tamara L. Behm RN, MSN, CIC
  5. RN by the Bedside: Impacting Diagnostic Stewardship- Ruth Carrico, PhD, DNP 
  6. The Spirit of Healthcare- Donna Horrocks, DNP, CNS-BC, CCRNk